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As Hawaii is considered the “Melting Pot of the Pacific”, so is Newtown Asian Grindz a melting pot of Asian Favorites with local flavors. Owners David and Kwei is not new to the Hawaii food scene, they have been in the restaurant business for over 20 successful years in Waikiki with the most recent venture being Seaside Bar and Grill which they had to close recently due to the lease expired.  

This new family owned and operated food gathering place and catering is anchored with the Pearl City Driving Range in Newtown with covered outdoor seating and ample free parking.  Come and let your palate experience the best of what Asian favorites with local flavors has to offer with the backdrop of a spacious green golf range.  A casual place for dining while viewing and chillin in front of animated golfers practicing their golf swings.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality foods with great service and reasonable prices.

  • Local plate lunches

  • Fresh stir frys

  • Soup noodles

Other lines:

Will be introducing new exciting menu selections on a regular basis.

Coming soon, also offering reasonable set bentos preorders for your sporting gatherings.


Some of Our Favorites —


Marinated BBQ Pork Belly on Rice

Tender marinated young pork belly sliced, cooked to perfection. A local favorite, you probably wish you had some beer… $8.95


Boneless Ginger Chicken on Rice

Our style of ginger chicken, made with boneless chicken thighs, moist and tender served with a side of our hand chopped ginger and onion sauce. $8.95


Panned Fried Garlic Shrimp on Rice   

Succulent treasures from the sea, ten pieces of our garlic shrimp is sure to please your seafood cravings. $9.95



Hamburger Steak Plate (Homemade Patties)

Homemade hamburger and onions topped with our ajus beef brown gravy. $6.95

Make it 2 hamburger patties additional $2.00


Loco Moco (Homemade Patties) 

Homemade hamburger, onions, two over easy eggs, topped with our ajus beef brown gravy. $7.95

Make it 2 hamburger patties additional $2.00


BBQ Pork Belly Fried Noodles

Savory and lightly sweet tender pork belly, tossed along with house veggie, finished with green onions. $9.50


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